Do PEOs offer workers compensation coverage? January 30, 2023


Workers’ compensation insurance protects businesses and organizations from the full cost of an employee’s medical expense–or even lost wages–following an injury in the workplace. It also ensures that every team member is taken care of without risk to your business. Our approach is designed to provide you with a comprehensive solution. As a PEO, we pair your workers’ compensation program with payroll and other core administrative functions. As a result, you save time, effort and are better positioned to focus on building your business.

  • We analyze and evaluate the types of work performed by co-hired employees and the specifics of the host sites where they work.
  • Firstly, PEOs can help you save money on things like insurance rates and employee benefits.
  • Currently, the states of California, Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wyoming operate their own non-NCCI rating bureaus.
  • In the absence of employees, the policy is given on an “if any” basis.
  • The company will send quarterly information to the insurer, who then calculates the bill and requests payments.
  • Document produced by NCCI which defines workplace exposures and assigns the particular workers’ compensation classification codes.

Secondly, contractors should follow up with their PEOs to ensure the new employee is covered. While these steps may delay a new employee’s start date, failure to do so exposes the contractor, not the PEO, to liability. Safety programs are crucial in high-risk sectors, such as construction. Asking employees to undergo safety programs will go a long way in reducing the chances of on-site injuries. Such initiatives promote awareness regarding the potential risks and their prevention measures.

How Does the PEO’s Experience Modifier Impact Workers’ Comp?

If a smaller business is unsuccessful in buying a market policy, it must buy coverage through the state’s assigned risk pool. In a risk-prone workplace, careful and knowledgeable employees will reduce the number of injuries and the cost of workers’ compensation premiums. Your PEO can help you in drafting an industry-standard safety program. An experience modification factor that applies across several states.

Outsourcing HR can help small biz owners be more efficient — for a price – The Philadelphia Inquirer

Outsourcing HR can help small biz owners be more efficient — for a price.

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We have a post-accident drug testing https://adprun.net/ in place and offer strategic guidance for remaining compliant with the Department of Transportation . If you have a traditional Work Comp plan in place, the policy declarations page will identify your current annual costs for your policy and will identify any discounts you may already be receiving. Unlike a “temp service” or “head-hunter organization”, our PEO vendor “hires” your current employees, and then leases them back to you at a much much lower rate. In most cases the cost of our PEO services is less than you are currently paying. For a free quote, please click to the right on quick quote, it’s totally FREE.

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With traditional workers’ compensation insurance, small businesses forecast expected annual payroll. The best-guess process has a wide margin for inaccuracy, and the reality won’t be known until an audit is conducted at the end of the year. The master policy is a single policy issued in the PEO’s name that provides coverage for its clients. By placing its clients into one workers’ compensation program, the PEO has weightier negotiating power, often resulting in lower costs than a small business could get on its own.

  • Generally, even though such a service must have workers’ compensation coverage under its own policy, you or your company must be listed as an additional insured.
  • PEOs often have a difficult time finding their own workers’ compensation coverage.
  • The master policy is a single policy issued in the PEO’s name that provides coverage for its clients.
  • They will clearly explain the intricacies behind the class codes and help you classify your employees properly.
  • The separate state modifier apply only to workers compensation insurance premiums for the employer’s operations in that stand-alone state.

Last but not least, joining a Workers Compensation Coverage Through A Peo is essentially pooling your employee group in with other small to mid-sized businesses, so you’re likely opening yourself up to better group rates, particularly on the benefit side. Employers should carry the workers’ compensation policy even if it must be set up using “If Any” payrolls. A central theme of risk management is “don’t risk a lot for a little.” The small premium may avoid big problems.

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One report shows that 15% of small and medium-sized businesses with fewer than 99 employees are using the services of PEOs with much success. The same report says that businesses who use a PEO have 40% better revenue growth. With this kind of success, it’s no wonder that more and more businesses are considering using a PEO. The PEO deducts a portion of your premium from each payroll run, helping to improve your company’s cash flow by keeping more money in your company, and less flowing out to workers’ comp premiums.

  • Additionally, PEOs can help you free up time by taking care of HR tasks like payroll and benefits administration.
  • Annual workers’ compensation premiums may represent thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.
  • When you hire a new employee, they must go through your safety training.
  • Most, but not all states , participate in the interstate rating system.

This experience modifier is higher if you’ve had multiple workers’ comp claims. As a non-issue, no one appealed this statement because it had no bearing on the case at hand. If you want to partner with a reliable PEO who can offer you top-to-bottom employee onboarding and managing solutions, consider Multiplier. Our digital platform helps you onboard candidates from 150+ countries in a compliant manner.

Work Comp charges are usually based on a “dollar per hundred” charge. For example a $5.00 work comp charge will be charged at the rate of $5.00 for each $100 of payroll in the particular work comp classification. The window of time for loss and payroll data used to calculate an experience modification factor for an employer. Traditionally a three year period, starting four years prior to the effective date of the experience modifier. Rating bureaus may not wait until three years before establishing an experience rating for an employer. If an employer reaches a certain, relatively low threshold of workers’ compensation insurance premiums in any one of the three years in the experience period the employer is eligible for experience rating.

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This could potentially be a substantial cut to the small business person’s cash flow. Interestingly enough, payments that extend beyond the balance may roll over into next years beginning balance; nice for the carrier, bad for the business owner. Employers have a responsibility to ensure their workers are covered by a valid workers’ compensation policy. So before you turn your vital programs like workers’ comp and payroll over to a third party, be sure you are dealing with a reputable, legally insured PEO. The battle regarding how much Workers’ Compensation coverage Professional Employer Organizations provide to underlying employers rages on at the Workers’ Compensation Board level. We analyze and evaluate the types of work performed by co-hired employees and the specifics of the host sites where they work.

An adjustment to manual insurance premium , calculated by an advisory organization or a rating bureau such as NCCI, based on a company’s historic workers’ compensation insurance claims. Click here for more information about understanding Experience Modification Factors. Because PEOs pool together the resources of many small and medium-sized businesses, they can negotiate better rates for things like health insurance and workers’ compensation. With few exceptions, every employer must carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage. This type of no-fault insurance provides coverage for an injured employee’s medical bills and missed paychecks. Many small businesses face difficulties obtaining affordable workers’ compensation coverage.


This form is used to report individual client data like class codes, payroll, claims, etc. to the NCCI so they can generate a new EMR. Here at PEOcompare.com we will assist the small business that is searching for a PEO by providing an online unbiased PEO Services Matching Tool. The tool offers immediate ranking and side-by-side comparisons of national PEOsand regional PEOs that provide services including pay as you go workers compensation. At Vested HR, we specialize in managing all aspects of workers’ compensation.


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