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In this article we’ll explore the optional method of using liability accounts, however, there are several advantages to using the Contra Asset Approach. In addition, a company may issue credit or charge cards to certain employees, but there are risks with that decision, such as the employee using the card for personal expenditures. To submit a credit card payment for an event, invoice, etc., please use the SDSURF Converge system. Receive comprehensive travel information, including health precautions, weather reports, currency exchange rates, and required visas and immunizations. Cardholders with special needs can make special arrangements for medical equipment and supplies and receive assistance locating medical facilities prior to the trip.

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Establish the right kind of business — and the right kind of operation. Should you operate as an S-Corp, an LLC or a sole proprietorship? What kind of credit card provides the most benefits at the lowest interest rate? With SLC Bookkeeping, you’ll get the answer to these questions and more. Businesses can now keep track of card spending as it happens while still having granular level control on any Visa card they use. View and store all transaction details under one centralized dashboard.

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While this made the payment process easier, it also meant a looming nightmare for finance teams at the end of every month – reconciling credit card expenses. I’m a believer in using your accounting system to track credit card transactions. I find that there’s no reason to use an offline process if your accounting system has the tools within its accounting software. In fact, the process to set up and track credit card expenses can save you time and money in the future, and it’s available in most accounting software packages.

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Additionally, if not done right, it can pose a massive threat to the financial health of your business. The modern approach to ensure a high benchmark of accuracy and efficiency is by implementing an automated expense management software. Post COVID-19, businesses have seen a massive surge in credit card transactions for incoming and outgoing payments.

Assign a specific budget to an employee or team

These receipts then go through the automated reconciliation process with the card statement using our OCR feature. All of this saves your finance team a lot of time, money, and effort. Accounting teams can spend countless hours chasing down paper receipts and matching them to credit card statements.

  • The reconciliation process starts when a business receives statements for its expenses.
  • But, it comes with additional business responsibilities, such as recording credit card sales in your books.
  • Debit the cash account in a journal entry in your accounting records on the date of the sale by the amount of cash collected from the credit card company.
  • Once purchase receipts are uploaded in an automated accounting system, the details are automatically captured and integrated into the system.

SLC Bookkeeping benefits your business because we furnish outsourced, part-time bookkeeping with a full-time presence at a fraction of the cost of hiring a new employee. Spend less time managing your credit cards and other business expenses and more time with your customers — and make smarter decisions faster. The fact that you can conduct the reconciliation process in almost an instant helps your finance team detect, reduce, and furthermore prevent fraudulent activities altogether. The risk of mistakes like transactions being charged twice and going unnoticed due to human error will also be decreased. If a receipt is missing, then the accountant has to contact employees and figure out whether the transaction took place or not.

How expense management and fraud prevention work with the Bento Visa cards

Because they are assuming the risk of non-payment, the credit card companies charge the company a fee in addition to the interest charged to the credit card user. The fee is typically between two and six percent of sales. These costs can get expensive and some companies decide it costs too much to honor specific credit cards. Debit the cash account in a journal entry in your accounting records on the date of the sale by the amount of cash collected from the credit card company. Any activity involving the acceptance of payments for products or services by means of credit and/or debit cards requires the initial approval of the University Controller’s Office.


Otherwise, even a single card statement may contain such a large expense that incorrect processing could notably impact the financial results of an organization. Multiply the percentage the credit card company charges you per transaction by the amount of a credit card sale to determine the transaction fee. For example, assume your small business made a $250 credit card sale and the credit card company charges you 2.5 percent. Multiply 2.5 percent, or 0.025, by $250 to get a $6.25 transaction fee. Bank Corporate Card prior to departure for the terminal. This insurance is provided to cardholders automatically when their entire travel fare is charged to their corporate account.

For one example of how interchange might function, imagine a consumer making a $100 purchase with a credit card. For that $100 item, assume the retailer would get approximately $98. The remaining $2, known as the merchant discount and fees, gets divided up. About $1.79 would go to the card issuing bank , $0.15 would go to Visa or MasterCard association , and the remaining $0.06 would go to the retailer’s merchant account provider . U.S. Bank does not report individual card account activity to credit bureaus. Therefore, a past due account status has no effect on an individual’s credit rating.

Step 3: Notifying your bank in case of errors

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 1,397,700 accountants in the U.S. in 2016, and the number is projected to grow 10 percent by 2026. Statista reports that accounting is expected to generate $158 billion in business in the U.S. in 2018. If the credit card and the bank account you use to pay the credit card expense are connected , you can record the payment by transferring the record.

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If it isn’t an issue from the employee side, then the respective authorities of the credit card provider are contacted to rectify the mistake. In both cases, the finance team ends up spending a lot of time and energy in figuring out and resolving the issue. It can help catch errors in the statements made by providers, or there might be transactions that are missing from the company ledger due to an unexpected situation. Mistakes can happen by any party involved and the reconciliation process helps to solve these issues. Change how you manage card spend with Fyle’s new real-time feeds.

Tracking and reconciling credit card usage can be time consuming for companies. Let’s say you have an employee who frequently travels on business. Every week they go to a new destination – this means airline flights, hotel bookings, meals, and other incidental expenses along the way. A single employee may have dozens if not hundreds of monthly credit card transactions. Taking the time to manually review and reconcile each transaction is time consuming.

Credit card expense accounting allows every member of the team to access the accounting dashboard and see if the data entry is accurate. If some mistakes or errors are evident, the staff can immediately assess, match and rectify them. Automation hastens the process of verification and correction of balance sheets, thus, allowing for the timely generation of accurate asset accounts reports. Most organizations and startups that are scaling at a rapid pace often adopt corporate credit cards to provide their employees with the flexibility to carry out their daily expenses.

The traditional approach to credit card reconciliation offers no quick and coherent method to find policy violations. Instead, employees must painstakingly go through every transaction to ensure expenses follow the company’s travel and expense policies. Corporate credit cards have helped revolutionize the speed and efficiency of business payments. Moreover, the ever-growing number of transactions increases the chances of missing human errors, duplicate submissions, and inaccurate information. Companies ideally use T&E expense reports to collect and store employee receipts.


Your team end up wasting a lot of time manually inputting, verifying, and approving business expenses. Sadly, regardless of their time and effort, duplicate and fraudulent entries still slip by. You can negate this by using a software that eliminates manual data entry and manual data verification.

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Furthermore, what is bookkeepingants need to be able to verify each transaction actually occurred and is the correct amount. Reconciling credit card statements with company financial records will help ensure your books are accurate. Company credit cards are now arguably the most popular way to pay for business expenses. Whether it’s a casual lunch or a business trip – most companies use credit cards as the preferred method of payment.

  • This will allow you to input your income and expenses into the spreadsheet and see how much money you have leftover each month.
  • But, some state laws prohibit businesses from passing along these fees.
  • Retail companies, which sell merchandise in small quantities directly to consumers, often receive a significant portion of their revenue through credit card sales.
  • Vendor Credit Card Detail – Enter the line item detail to one vendor.
  • You can use credit cards anytime but you should always keep track of how you use it.

Basically, this journal entry is a reversal of your first journal entry to empty your Accounts Receivable account of the previously recorded amount and add to your Cash account. Let’s say you make a $500 sale to a customer paying with a credit card. Regardless of whether you receive immediate or delayed payment, use the Cash, Credit Card Expense, and Sales Revenue accounts. However, only use the Accounts Receivable account for delayed payments. Your Cash and Accounts Receivable accounts are assets, which means they’re increased by debits and decreased by credits.

For some businesses, uncollectible account losses and other costs of extending credit are a burden. Businesses can pass these costs on to banks and agencies issuing national debit or credit cards. The banks and credit card agencies then absorb the uncollectible accounts and costs of extending credit and maintaining records. With Individual Liability, the cardholder is solely liable for payment of all charges. UCR will reimburse the cardholder for legitimate business expenses as soon as the travel expense voucher is turned in and processed. Virtual cards let you assign a budget, customize spending limits and determine exactly what the budget is for.


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