Alcohol Drug Rehab and Detox Center in Costa Mesa, CA July 29, 2020

At this point, we are happy to help you make a smooth transition back into society by finding a place for you in our sober living community or locating a support group in your area. The goal of such programs is to help you to make a smooth, gradual transition back to independent living. You will be monitored, but you will have more autonomy and freedom than is typically experienced in inpatient programs. You can begin to return to the work and engage in family and social commitments that used to be at the center of your life.

  • Making the call to White Sands for MYSELF & my beautiful, sweet daughter was the best thing I HAVE EVER DONE!
  • The ADRC staff members are true professionals with the highest credentials and professional standards.
  • With community housing options, including a partial hospitalization program and intensive outpatient program, clients work on their long-term sobriety goals while transitioning to life in the community.
  • Inpatient usually offers more services, but it tends to cost more.
  • Research studies consistently
    demonstrate that such techniques improve self-control and social skills and thus
    help reduce drinking (American Psychiatric
    Association, 1995).

Our staff is very sensitive to this reality and we have programs for all different fitness levels and abilities. We have programs offered at certain times throughout the day that are allocated to beginners, intermediate, and advanced; our programs are designed for all. What patients may not realize is that a balanced, nutrition-rich diet can help them better manage withdrawal symptoms such as lack of concentration, anxiety, cravings, and insomnia. We have also seen that exercise, coupled with good nutrition, promotes better sleep. Our theme here at WhiteSands is that eating well, sleeping well, and exercising regularly are important components in achieving long-lasting recovery. When we invested in our Tampa residential campus, one of the things that attracted us to the property was the number of rooms it offered.

Life Skills Program

This people understand the gravity of situations and treat accordingly. This facility might not look the best but the quality of care and treatment is exceptional. If you are looking for a treatment center I would definitely come here. The moment I was placed in touch with the counclers thier they walked me threw every step, even when I wanted to back out of getting on the plane.

alcohol and drug rehab

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) can last anywhere from 30 to 90 days and the Recovery Program lasts a lifetime. During this phase of treatment, patients are either living at home or in a recovery residence and use their IOP programming to assist them in having increased levels of support during this early time in recovery. Patients can work full or part-time during this phase of treatment and resume many of their old responsibilities. Their Life Skills Guides will continue to check in with them daily for 90 days. The WhiteSands Recovery program (as detailed in our unique philosophies) allows patients to continue seeing their therapist for individual sessions as well as psychiatric and medical providers for a lifetime.

Behavioral models

Access to individual classes with professional boxers and coaches. When not in boxing class, guests have access to both types of bags (speed and heavy). Our center features a snack bar, refreshment stand, and lounge area where individuals can kick back and relax. Guests can also play-ping pong, cards, or board games, watch a major sporting event on large, theater-sized screens, take yoga classes, or simply relax and listen to some music. Once again, all of the above demonstrates our investment and dedication to your recovery journey.

I was able to relate to them on a personal level, and as a result I became a little more willing to take some of their suggestions. Their approach was very effective for me, much more than trying to listen to authority figures lecture me. After all, I’d spent most of my life rebelling against authority figures as it was!

What Is a Substance Use Disorder?

This can lead to poor focus, irritability, mood swings, increased depression, weakened immunity, and weight gain. Based on these considerations, we have created a flexible 60-day program that combines inpatient sober house and outpatient treatment stays. This is accomplished via daily virtual check-ins as well as in-person check-ins when feasible. We believe this will allow us to catch many “slips” before they happen.

alcohol and drug rehab


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