AVG Antivirus Review September 5, 2023

AVG is a top option for security against cyberattacks. It comes with a dazzling feature package, solid security scores for malware, and a reasonable cost. However, it also had some negative points, such as being heavy on system resources and a couple of false positives.

AVG’s interface is clear and easy to use. Its dashboard lets you know whether your PC is secured and lets you run a manual scanner from its menu. Its settings let you customize scans and notifications as well as white- or black-list apps, and configure what information AVG shares with its parent company. AVG comes with several extra tools, such as shredders for files and a mode of silence that stops you from being disturbed when playing games or watching films.

Security features include a password manager and firewall. It also has an antivirus scanner. Its anti-phishing feature is outstanding and its Enhanced Firewall offers additional features such as data leakage security and ARM Spoofing Alerts. The firewall is especially robust when on public networks, as it uses machine learning to determine what is normal and what isn’t and then automatically adapt to.

AVG’s support options include a forum as well as online community advice and a vast knowledge base. You can also reach out to its customer support via email or a chat feature on its website. The free version isn’t overloaded with annoying upgrade prompts, but you’ll have to put up ads in order to use the program.



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